Your Insurance Check List 2021

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Your Insurance Check List 2021

Now we are in 2021 you are probably back into your daily routine now, the festivities a distant memory. The pandemic has probably not helped in some way but we are all trying to live as normal life as possible. One thing you could do is spring clean of all your insurance products. “But I’m covered” we hear you say. That may be true but is your cover providing you with what you need now, maybe your insurance has changed or your own circumstances have changed, you could also be paying for optional extras you don’t really need at this present time.

Here at Protection Squared we have put together a check list so you can make sure you are covered where you need to be, not paying for extras you won’t use and just generally getting the best deal you can for your requirements. We have years of experience with all sorts of personal insurance and business insurance too so if our guide below jogs your memory or saves you a few pounds a month it’s worth the read. We will keep it brief per product but we have listed some important aspects for each insurance product for you to check.

Life insurance:
• Does it cover your mortgage payments value
• Are you both covered fully if joint cover
• Does it include critical illness
• Does it cover accidents
• Are you covered if an incident happens abroad
• Does it cover if you become disabled
• Will the death benefit change with inflation
• Does the pay-out cover your present financial commitments.

Car Insurance:
• Do you pay for commuting but now work from home
• Are you covered 3rd party only or comprehensive
• Is your partner covered too on the policy
• Are you paying for cover abroad when you don’t need it
• Is your mileage set higher then what you do now due to the pandemic
• Does your policy require you to have extra anti-theft equipment fitted
• Does it include windscreen cover
• Is your no claims protected
• Are you paying for breakdown recovery when you already have it
• Does it include courtesy car if you are without it

Medical Health Insurance:
• Will it impact your work health insurance if you have it
• Is dental included in the policy
• Are the children and your partner covered
• Does it cover when abroad
• Do you have a list of excluded illnesses and diseases
• Has the excess changed
• Can you choose where you get treatment

Income Protection:
• Will it impact if your employer covers you also
• Is your cover amount up to date with your present salary
• Does it cover long term issues or is it capped time wise
• Is your mortgage payment covered
• Has a promotion or change of job affected the cover

Home Insurance:
• Does your policy cover your houses present value
• Do you have high value items not covered
• Are bikes covered in the garage or shed
• Are your locks voiding the policy
• Does it include accident cover at home
• Does it include accommodation if you can’t live at home
• Does it include flood cover

It pays to always read the small print for your insurance then if stull unsure have a list of questions to ask your insurer, companies do change their cover and you might find when you come to claim things have changed leaving you not fully covered or worse. The worst that can happen is you save some money each month for the sake of taking a little time to just review your insurance.

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