Types of Insurance

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Insurance is one of those magical products you never need it until something happens. Many people are lulled into a false sense of security and don’t take out the insurance they need. Using an approach of it won’t happen to me. Sadly things do happen and it’s only then that you realise how important insurance is and it’s purpose.

We are a family run insurance brokerage and we can help you with all your insurance requirements. Below are some of the products we specialise in, if you can’t see the one you require then contact us as we may be able to help.

Life Insurance:
Usually if you take out a mortgage you will need life insurance. This can be single or joint with your partner. There are various types of life insurance and most pay a lump sum to your partner in the unfortunate event of death or illness. We can help you get a quote and covered for life insurance today.

Income Protection:
Should your income stop for a variety of reasons then income protection can help. Ensuring you have all your major bills and mortgage paid for. It pays out a regular income should you have an injury or accident or even illness which means you can’t work.
It also protects you if you can’t earn in the future too due to the reasons outlined above. It may also cover you if you are place don sick leave due to depressions by your doctor. Back injuries are a common use of this type of insurance also.

Accident Protection:
This type of insurance pays you money to cover medical and out of pocket costs that you might have incurred due to an injury. Choose a monthly amount that would cover your mortgage and bills and expenses, essentially it replaces your income whilst you are not earning money. You can also choose how long the coverage will last for too. This could be months or years. If you want a long term plan you simply choose a policy that will run until you are retired.

Impaired Life:
You might be finding it hard to get insurance due to pre-existing conditions, high risk hobbies or jobs and other factors too. Impaired life insurance protects you in these instances. It’s an ideal non standard insurance cover that can cover all you need. Each case is different and we can help with this matter too. We can make sure you have the exact amount of cover you require and we can answer any questions you may have.

Medical Insurance:
This type of insurance can help you when you need to get medical assistance. It helps with reducing waiting times for treatments and means you can get paid for time off work due to an injury or illness. You can get family cover too so all the family is protected. Sometimes also called health insurance too.
It can cover outpatient care, you could have your own private room and any other extra care like rehab, physio etc. We are experts in medical insurance so contact us today for a free quote.

Group Risk:
Group risk policies support companies who need to meet legal and contractual obligations with staff and large groups. It’s an employers insurance which covers critical illness, income protection to protect employees and is usually part of their benefits.

Business Protection:
This kind of insurance offers a variety of plans and protection if you are a sole trader, limited company or partnership. Key person cover means you are covered if a vital person in your company can’t work, this can be a temp or perm situation. Shareholder and partnership protection covers you in the event of an owners death or disability. Business liabilities covers you for financial repercussions also. There are quite a few varied options with business protection and here at Protection Squared we can guide you through the sometimes confusing process to make things clear.

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