Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance

In todays climate where things can quickly change it’s important to be prepared and be well organised when it comes to your finances and insurance. Especially if you have a family to think about and take care of. That’s why we would strongly recommend you take out private medical insurance so that you can get seen quickly and not be left with a large bill. This lets you claim for the cost of using private specialists when you are not well or you need some form of healthcare or medical procedure. Whilst the NHS are fantastic and do a great job providing a world class service sometimes we would like to be seen quicker. Usually for peace of mind if we are not feeling well or feel something is just not quite right.

With private medical insurance you can get referred quicker to a specialist and you could even choose the location or hospital you want to attend and these could include places not available on the NHS to you. You still need to see your GP but then they refer you to a specialist so you are seen usually quicker. Once all confirmed the insurer will pay out your claim quickly and with no fuss.

This type of product is also widely known as health insurance too but essentially they are the same product and give the same level of cover. Some employee benefits can include this type of cover but you would need to check first. There are many different levels of cover and you can include your family too so you are all covered. They usually come with extras you can pay for so you can get even more benefits too. Things like rehab, physio, dentists etc all can come under your policy too, sometimes even glasses and eyewear, this does depend on the policy you have.

Do You Need It?

Its up to you really but if you don’t like waiting for appointments and treatment then it could speed the process if you don’t want to wait for the NHS treatment. If you prefer private hospitals then it will provide this option.

• Specialist referrals
• Reduce waiting time
• Get the scans you want
• Private rooms
• Choose your hospital and surgeon
• Aftercare like rehab and physio
• Access to specialist treatments
• Outpatient care
• Mental healthcare

• Some illnesses like cancer could get better treatment on the NHS
• The costs involved
• Some illnesses are not covered
• No local specialists so need to travel

Private Medical InsuranceThere are many different types of private medical insurance and which is ideal for you is where we can help. We can discuss your requirements then get you a list of providers and quotes so we can see which suits you best. Our friendly team of experienced providers can help you get you and your family covered fast. You can get decreased waiting times, extras and more. We all like to be prepared so this type of cover can really provide peace of mind so you know if something happens you get the treatment you need fast and with no large bill at the end too. You get peace of mind and freedom when it comes to healthcare with private medical insurance. You opt for a single policy for yourself or coverage for the entire family.

If you are still confused then drop us an email or call us today and will gladly discuss your requirements so you can decide if it’s for you. There’s no obligation and we work with a panel of insurers so we won’t show you results from just 1 provider.

Always double check you don’t already have medical insurance with your employer before taking out your own cover. Some employees offer private medical insurance as part of a benefits package with your job. It is usually for the employee only, but sometimes it extends to your family as well.

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