Military Life Insurance

military Life Insurance

So what exactly is it? Military life insurance is an insurance product that is available to all members of the armed forces and veterans. It simply pays out a lump sum should you die, this makes sure your family will be looked after financially when you’re gone and taken care of. Military life insurance is specially designed to cater for the specific needs and lifestyle of those in all the armed forces. It could also cover you for death at work too, by natural causes, or even accidental death as well.

Due to the increased risks of the job you are in and the nature of the career path it can be hard to get solid military life insurance to make sure you have complete peace of mind at all times for your family and loved ones. We are experts in this type of cover and can speak from experience so we know how to get you covered for all your requirements. We work with many providers and we aren’t just tied to one insurer so you get access to multiple quotes, this means you can compare plans and prices.

People who work in the Army, RAF, Navy or other sectors of military service have a far greater occupational risk than those who work in an office. Travelling to conflict or war zones, working with extremely hazardous materials and operating dangerous machinery is not comparable to someone who works in an office, this is why you need a certain specialist policy to be fully covered.
To get started we can have an informal chat and find out about your requirements, things like mortgage value, monthly payments etc, plus any other financial implications you might want to cover too. This will give us a good idea on what best way to arrange your quotes and cover. We work for you to make sure you get the right insurance policy so you can relax in the knowledge you are fully covered.

You should get death in service compensation as standard as part of your contract. The amount you would receive would depend on many factors such as length of service, rank and cause of death. This is why it’s important to take out your own military life insurance to make sure you have adequate cover. Since the day to day risk is so much more for members of the armed forces normal policies won’t cover what you need.

Normal cover will not provide you with the security aspects you need for your family which is why you need to speak to a specialist who can make sure you get the correct policy. The team here at Protection Squared can take care of everything and ensure you are fully covered. Speak to the team today to get started.

How Much Is it?

This all depends on a few factors such as:

• Your age
• Your role
• Do you smoke
• Health
• Cover length
• Cover amount

There could be an option to take out short term military life insurance if you are going abroad with deployment. This does tend to be more expensive then long term plans. Our high-quality, specialist life cover is tailored to the needs of Army, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel.

Military Life Insurance

Protection Squared is a leading insurance company for hazardous & dangerous occupations such as Armed Forces and military Life Insurance. Armed forces personnel seeking cover for critical illness cover or income protection to protect themselves and their family and loved ones. Speak to us today about a quote and we can answer any questions you may have on military life insurance. We work with a number of insurance providers so you aren’t tied to a certain section of the market. We explore all your options and can work with you to make sure you are fully covered for every eventuality with a plan to suit all requirements.

Get specialist and free advice from a team of military life insurance experts today. It’s quick and simple to find the best rates and compare plans. We can provide you with no obligation quotes fast.

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