Insurance Broker In Dorset

Insurance Broker Dorset

In life the only things certain are death and taxes. An old but true saying we can all relate to. Chances are things happen when you least expect it so it’s important to be prepared for as many eventualities as possible. This is where we can help, we are an established insurance broker in Dorset and we can advise and set up any type of cover for whatever reason. We can ensure you have peace of mind at all times should the worst happen. You never really appreciate being organised with this type of product and making sure it’s all in place until you need it.

You need to feel protected and here at Protection Squared we build life long client relationships, making sure they are covered and protected be it their home, car, health or life. We can put your mind at ease and make sure loved ones are covered. It’s easy to go online and use the various comparison sites but you never get that personal and independent service, it’s usually all fully automated and you might have questions you need answering.

Insurance Broker In Dorset

Also never be swayed or enticed by free gifts as you usually pay for these in the long term with more expensive policies. Also some providers or websites tend to push companies they have personal arrangements with to the front rather then a policy that is more suited to what you need. We can provide you with a personalised service at all times and be your preferred insurance broker in Dorset.

We work in 4 easy steps to ensure complete protection for our clients.

Step 1:
We discuss your requirements and what you need cover for and for how much. Each persons circumstances are unique so we don’t just follow a guide we tailor our approach accordingly.

Step 2:
We then go away and search the market that includes the latest schemes to find you the best suited plans to your needs. Our insurance brokers in Dorset get to work and we then present to you the best deals.

Step 3:
We then go ahead and arrange cover with your chosen plan, making sure all paperwork is completed correctly and all signed. We then confirm you are fully insured and you can have peace of mind knowing that should anything unfortunate happen your loved ones, home car or health is insured and any payments like mortgage payments are taken care of.

Step 4:
Once you are covered our working relationship doesn’t end there. We like to provide ongoing support for all your insurance broker needs in Dorset. Making sure you remain covered and any policy changes taken care of. As your life changes we can also adapt your cover as well.

Some examples of reviews left from previous happy clients:

Taylor – “The service was absolutely amazing. We felt like they cared about the cover they were giving. Highly recommend.”
Faizan – “We have recently done business with Abby at The Squared Group, highly recommended. Very professional and a pleasure to work with.”
Tim – “Simon explained everything very clearly and answered all my questions. Thank you Protection Squared”

Insurance Broker DorsetWe are a family-run insurance broker in Dorset so we understand what matters most when it comes to making sure loved ones are protected at all times. We see the world through your eyes and understand your concerns. It’s important to speak to people with no commitment to any provider so you get access to the full market. We work with a panel of leading insurers so can find you the best quote and cover. We can also arrange many other products like mortgages and loans. Our team consists of many qualified and professional members who are all highly knowledgeable in their field. We like to think we can take away the stress you sometimes experience when choosing the best insurance cover.

Click on the links at the top of the website to see the full range of insurance products we can arrange for you, plus also we can help with specialist cover for products not mentioned on this website, simply contact us and let us know what specific type of cover you want and our insurance brokers in Dorset will get to work on your behalf.

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