Impaired Life Insurance

Impaired Life Insurance

You will have heard about the more common product called life insurance but for many this is not an option when it coms to being protected. Certain conditions or factors can mean the provider will not cover the individual. This can be one of many things such as job, medical conditions or some factor that means you are at a higher risk of injury or illness.

Some insurers will accept you but the cover comes with certain requirements such as higher premiums or exclusions. The good news is the team here at Protection Squared are experts in getting even the most tricky of cases covered. We have experience with all manner of unique situations and we work with insurers who are happy to offer cover to people who have bene turned down elsewhere due to certain factors.

Sadly this could mean premiums could increase in cost but the amount won’t be known until a full quote is requested. We can help with this. Factors like having a history of health problems in the family, especially those that are hereditary can be a factor. Monthly premiums will go up but the amount can depend on the condition.

Factors that play a part include:

• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Crohn’s Disease
• Epilepsy
• Mental Health
• Depression
• Obesity
• Stroke
• Permanent Disability

The other major factor for being declined is your job or occupation. If you work in a job where there is an increased risk of death or serious injury then your likely to have to take out impaired life insurance. It can be anything from working for the armed forces or working at heights or even if you handle heavy machinery. You will probably know by now if your job or health affects your insurance quote process so if you do then we can help. We work with specialist insurers who have schemes just for you.

Occupations that might require impaired life insurance:

• Armed Forces
• Police Services
• Fire Services
• Offshore Workers
• Prison Officer
• Stuntman
• HGV Driver
• Airline Pilot

The other factor that can affect you meaning impaired life insurance is your only option is the pastimes and hobbies you do. If you are an adrenaline junkie and your free time is taking up by jumping from planes or climbing rocks then expect to have to pay a higher premium to be covered. Some examples of hobbies deemed high risk are below:

• Skydiving
• Gliding
• Skiing
• Bungee Jumping
• Rock Climbing
• Parachuting
• Scuba Diving

The good news is the team here at Protection Squared can make sure you are fully covered no matter what the factors or risks involved. Simply get in touch and we will speak to you about your requirements then use our wealth of experience and knowledge to find you the perfect policy to get you covered. We can discuss how much cover you require, what you want to cover and all other aspects of your needs when we have an informal chat. So, no matter what your profession, hobbies or health condition you can still get covered and protect yourself and loved ones.

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