Bournemouth Insurance Company

Bournemouth insurance company

When it comes to products like the cover we as a Bournemouth insurance company provide you tend to go straight online and search the internet looking for the best deals and no doubt trying the comparison websites. Some of these will be limited in the results they can offer you as they only work with certain companies. This means you are only get a small percentage of the results you should be seeing. This also means you could be paying more then you need to and not getting the full benefits you are looking for.

Here at Protection Squared we are a Bournemouth insurance company and we pride ourselves in providing you with a complete and professional service no matter what type of protection you require be it home, car, life or business. We offer UK wide advice and solutions to all your insurance protection requirements, we don’t just offer our services to the Bournemouth area. We like to build long lasting relationships and our clients come back again and again to use our services. This puts their mind at ease knowing they are covered and friends, family and even their business is protected. We present you with a personalised service that suits your requirements.

When it comes to peace of mind we can make sure you are covered for any eventuality that may happen. Ensuring mortgage payments are made and family and loved ones are taken care of. Being a Bournemouth insurance company we provide quotes for all types of protection. We also specialist in military and forces insurance. We can even help you if you’re in the military with mortgages and the forces help to buy scheme too, get in touch if your in the forces and thinking of buying a new home.

Step 1:
We understand your needs and requirements after an initial consultation. We make sure we know exactly what you need and what you want to protect and cover and to what value.

Step 2:
We then go to work scouring the market to find you the best deals and cover that is exactly what you requested. Being a Bournemouth insurance company we present to you complete results.

Step 3:
Once you have chosen the right cover plan for you we then work with you for the application process. We liaise with all parties to ensure a smooth and fast process.

Step 4:
Once covered we provide ongoing support and help. We like to build long lasting relationships with our clients so when they need cover for any reason they come to us here at Protection

Bournemouth Insurance Company

Bournemouth insurance companyWe are a family run business, Bournemouth insurance company and protection brokerage that understands the need for peace of mind when it comes to loved ones, family and your business interests. We take care of everything taking the stress away from yourselves when arranging protection. We offer all types of insurance from life group risk and business to health, accident and even military insurance. We work with all the major UK insurers and providers too we aren’t restricted to just a few companies. Finding the right insurance for you is our top priority.

We are a friendly Bournemouth insurance company and we would love to assist you in your cover requirements. Speak to the team today on 08081 551807 or simply drop us an email and we will respond asap to your request. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm.

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