Protection Squared is a family-run insurance brokerage that provides personalised and comprehensive insurance solutions through our range of leading insurance providers. With policies for individuals, families, and corporations, we are able to provide people with customised insurance coverage to meet their particular needs. Protection Squared offers impartial advice about which insurance plans best meet your unique requirements. As an insurance intermediary, we work with you and for you, not the insurance companies. We understand how personal and sensitive insurance-related choices are and we’re here to guide you with expert and unbiased information to help you make your decision.

Our core business ethic is focused on equality. We believe that everyone should be delivered an equally high level of service regardless of their personal circumstances. In line with this, we like to work with providers that not only respect the significance of sound risk management but also have a strategically balanced direction in terms of a long-term relationship and business development.

At Protection Squared, we’ve got you covered.


Simon began his career in the Military and has since served between both the Regular and Reserve Army for the last 20 years. He is still currently serving as a senior non-commissioned officer in the Rifles. He has over 12 years of industry experience having worked as an independent broker at one of the UK’s major banks; both as a Mortgage Advisor and a Banking Manager. His experience forged lasting relationships with the UK’s top insurance companies.


Simon has held the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice Levels 1,2 and 3 for 12 years and is currently adding to his qualifications by studying towards the Diploma in Mortgage Advice and Practice to further his credentials. Through his expansive client base over the years and his expert knowledge, he is qualified to offer the best advice in all areas of Mortgages, Life and Critical Illness Cover, and General Insurance.


Customer Experience Manager


Abby bridges the gap – she oversees the process following the submission of your application to a lender. She keeps the entire procedure as organised and stress-free as the initial advice and arrangement of insurance.


Abby is responsive, collaborative, and communication driven. She brings a wealth of experience with her, having worked within the financial industry for 20 years. With her passion and diligent work ethics, Abby continually and consistently strives to maximise customer experiences – a true Protection Squared gem.


We are a friendly, helpful team of expert advisors and would love to assist you.

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