2021 Insurance Plan of Action

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With 2020 drawing to a close and 2021 fast approaching many of us will be already thinking how can we better be prepared for what 2021 might throw at us. Insurance is vital in reducing stress and hassle and making sure you are covered for all eventualities in 2021 will help.

Our handy guide below should hopefully help you make sure you are covered in the areas you need, so you’re prepared for the worst that can happen. Many of these products we can help you with being insurance specialists. We can arrange all your cover requirements and give you a list of ideal plans for you to choose from.

Life Insurance
If you have a mortgage or family then you really need life insurance. This will make sure in the event of the worst happening that your family is covered and the mortgage paid for, it can also provide a lump sum to ensure going forward your family are taken care of. We can help with life insurance and make sure you and your partner are covered, get a free quote today.

Income Protection
This is a certain type of insurance that means should you die or you have an accident and as a result your income stops your mortgage and other financial obligations are paid for on your behalf. Usually income protection comes in 3 formats, accident, sickness and unemployment cover, payment protection insurance and mortgage payment protection.

Private Health Insurance
This type of insurance covers the cost of having any medical treatment, exams and surgery privately. It can reduce the waiting time to be seen by a specialist and you can be seen and treated in a private hospital in comfortable surroundings. You can usually get covered just for yourself or you can cover the entire family all under one policy. Here at Protection Squared we can help quote and set up this type of cover for you and or your family.

Buildings & Contents Insurance
If you value your home and it’s contents then this type of insurance is essential to make sure you can replace your items should the worst happen. Buildings and contents insurance is fairly affordable if you shop round and you can get extra features such as cover away from the home for your most prizes possessions. Always make sure you understand fully what is and isn’t covered home and away from home.

Cycle Insurance
You might think your bikes are covered with your home contents insurance but you could be wrong. Especially if your bike is an expensive one or over a certain amount in terms of worth. Some contents insurance companies only insure bikes worth up to a certain amount so you’re best checking to be sure. If not then you can get specialist cycle insurance companies who cover the cost of your bike home and away also.

Pet Insurance
Not until you need this do you realise how important it is. Vet bills can soon rack up and with costly treatments and medications you can soon be left with a very large bill. Pet insurance usually covers most things and takes away the stress about making sure your much loved family pet is well taken care of.

Travel Insurance
If 2020 is anything to go by then travel insurance will be way down your list in 2021 however even if you go on staycations in the UK it’s always advisable to make sure you have some form of travel insurance. Especially as you can get affordable plans that cover the entire family.

Military Life Insurance
This type of insurance we can help you with. We have extensive knowledge and experience with military insurance. We can make sure your loved ones are protected should the worst happen. Given the extra risks involved with working in the military sometimes a normal policy won’t cover many things so our specialist military insurance plans make sure you get peace of mind at all times and you and your family are fully covered and protected. Speak to us today for a free quote and we can get you covered fast.

Accident Protection
This is quite a simple insurance and one we can quote and set you up with. We will search the market for the best plans and then speak with you to discuss your requirements and which one suits your needs the best. You simply choose the amount of cover you require, this is usually an amount that covers your monthly payments like mortgages, loans, bills and living costs.

It replaces your income whilst you can’t work due to an accident. Accident protection is good as it covers you for areas income protection doesn’t. We can get you covered today just speak to a friendly expert or request your free call back.

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